English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Testimonials from Healing Sessions

“I felt great peace and tranquility in the session. My questions were answered and doubts became clear.” (Ma. Elena Bguarduno R.)

“Thanks for this opportunity, given by God, that I met Sharon, a channel to the deepest part of my soul. She helped me to stabilize the disturbance of my soul in an atmosphere of love and wellbeing. Thank God for what I have received in this session.” (Marisa Artegas)

“It was a shining experience that confirmed the feelings and significance of my life.” (Lucina Artigas D.)

“In the session “Contact with my Angel” I was very impressed by the quantity of energy transmitted through Sharon. I can testify that it was a pure and honest sensation. Thank you for this experience!” (Elvia Garcia S.)

“It was a wonderful experience with much emotion, an emotional and spiritual liberation. I felt the presence of the angels and beings of light. I am leaving very moved from the depth of my heart, with an internal peace and richness in my soul.” (N. Alicia Fuentes O.)

“Sharon is a person with great conviction of being a channel, through the angels and beings of light that can help us calm our emotions, finding peace. With her, I have experienced great relief. The information she gave me made me feel that it is not necessary to see the angels that are present. You only have to feel them to calm the mind.” (Edith Maldono)

“I felt very comfortable and peaceful, with the sensation of being in the company of the guides and angels. Sharon answered my questions with clear explanations, even the tricky questions. I give great thanks for all. It was a beautiful experience.” (Bertha Barrios)

“It was an amazing experience for me. I have always believed that the angels and spirits are around me, always helping me when I am in great pain. After the session, I feel happier that my beliefs about angels have been reaffirmed. I lived this experience and I feel happy being in the moment, enjoying everything around me.” (Olga Diaz A.)


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